Rules & Important Info

How To Add Listing, Who Can Post, Billing and Map info

We have advertising packages for every budget. We know not every business has a website and some don’t use social media, others have all of the above and also have video commercials. Our packages allow you to pay for only what you need. And you can always upgrade at a later time..

We have different sections on our website. We have Hotels, Food & Drink, and Goods & Services. (more coming)

Each of these sections have more detailed categories and subcategories to choose from to add to your listing. Plus tags for ultra refined searches.  You must  be in a neighborhood that is safe for tourists, business travelers, and locals. *We do not allow adult material to be published on our site, they will not be approved.

If there are other categories that your business is in,  but  we don’t have it listed please contact us in our contact page and make a suggestion. We’d love to hear your suggestions and input.

Member Area:

When you sign up in order to place a listing or for any reason, we ask that you set your privacy settings in your account page first. You will find your privacy settings under the padlock symbol. We intend to have member communication and chat in the future. You may also keep your member profile off of the member directory and hidden if you choose when we have that option up and running.

Images & Video:

All images must clear and not overly pixelated, it be resized for web 1024 x 768  should be smallest, no more than 1mb each.

Please use clear, focused images. It will make your business stand out. Your images are what stand out to customers. You must include images in your listing. You must have at least one image. You can always add more later. Using more than one image is suggested.

Please do not add videos in video included package that belong to television networks or shows as  It is a copyright violation and we will not approve the video. If we receive a notice regarding DMCA we do take it seriously. You are welcome to share your own video that your establishment has made specifically for your own business advertising, commercials and youtube channel. For customers love video we have a category that includes listings with video.

Multiple Listings:

if there are any areas of the form you are having difficulties with please inform us so we can help. Also let us know if there is anything missing from a form that we advertised so we can add it. We have updated our site and it may be missing if we overlooked it by accident. We will fix it right way when you let us know in our contact page. Be sure to let us know your account name, part of the form that is missing,  and establishment you are having difficulty adding in your email body. 

If you have more than five establishments please contact us and we can send you a blank copy of our .csv format, where your advertising manager can enter all the data for each of your establishments and our office will upload them to our database saving you time. It is important that your exact cps coordinates and exact address without directions is in the form. Or our upload will not work properly. Latin America addresses can be difficult but we can usually use .csv format in most cases to save you time. 


If your city and region are not in our list yet don’t worry. When you place your listing you will then see your city/nation/region in our site when your listing goes live.

To add a listing choose “Add a Listing” in the main menu drop down. You will be taken to our main add listing page where you can find more information and choose from our three sections according to your business type.

From there you will choose the package type you prefer. Then fill out the form of your package choice. It should proceed to take you to our billing. All other payments with crypto are invoiced if crypto is requested. You will receive a receipt for your records as with any other payment system.

Form Language:

Our listing forms are in English and Spanish. If you have landed on the English listing form just click “Spanish/English” on the main menu dropdown options for the language of your choice on forms. However, all listings will be in the english site for tourists.

Listing Already Exists Warning and Claiming Listing:

Once you have filled out the listing form you may encounter a message, ” this listing already exists.” If this is the case, do a quick search for your business in another tab in the city you are in. If your listing does exist someone has already placed your business, and you can claim the listing. You will find claim listing button at bottom of listing information. “Claim.”

If this is not the case, there is another establishment in our database that has the same name but in a different location or business. The best suggestion would be to add your city at the end of your title, and our system should then allow you to submit your listing form. We do not allow multiple postings of the same business.

You should be logged in and signed up to claim a listing or post a listing. This way you have an account to manage your listings and account information, and will be able to reply to reviews. If you do not sign up before placing a listing your sign in credentials will be randomly selected which we don’t suggest. When you are a registered member your control panel will have links to add listing, edit listing, save favorites and more.

We have a video at the end of this page for map instructions and how to set your address at the same time saving you about five steps of the form process. 

Your Email Options:

You have the option to have your business email in your listing. Our email system keeps your email private out of public view if you add your business email on the listing form if you decide to allow customers to email you.

Every time a customer has an email enquiry via our site you will receive an email from our site with their email questions with our Business header so that your email is not public to help lower pesky spambot mail as much as possible. We hate spam and we know you do too.

Setting Your Map Marker:

Make sure to watch our map marker video (In Spanish) to help save you time while adding your address information. Doing the map marker first helps fill in all your address info automatically and easier since many places in Latin America do not have regular address system this will save you frustration and time. You can place your marker on your exact building on our maps. This video can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you are on a desktop/laptop the map marker process will be extremely fast. You will need a little patience if on safari with iPhone it can be done, but the movements must be adjusted differently than on Android or desktop and other iPhone browsers. 

We use OSM maps system on our site. It is perfect for Latin American nations. It has more detail and is easier for travelers to find locations in areas that don’t have street addresses. The OSM system shows the exact building which is great for travelers and businesses listing because you can place your marker directly on your building. Which is great for tourists who have never been to the area before and are not used to some businesses being behind gates and walls. It makes you harder to miss!

OSM can also be used on navigational systems. If your location on the map is a former business on the map still, head over to OSM and you can update the location on their map system to reflect your current business details. We also suggest leaving your exact coordinates longitude and latitude at the very bottom of your listing. Customers can then enter them manually to their navigation systems if they decide not to change their navigation system to OSM. Though we think they’ll love the detail and ease of the maps while on their adventures.


We accept crypto currency and credit/debit through PayPal. Should you wish to pay in crypto currency please contact us in advance so we can invoice you. It is difficult to reimburse crypto if your listing is not approved thus we ask you contact first for pre-approval of listing, this is because some people receive new numbers for privacy reasons and we must be able to send back to the same crypto address. Pre-approval removes the difficulty to do automatic returns. PayPal is easier to reimburse automatically without worries as account info stays the same each transaction therefore we have it in our online billing. We do crypto invoicing and answer any questions prior to customers listing for customer confidence.

Please note that due to the nature of our site being advertising we do not offer refunds. The only refunds that are given is when when listing is not approved due to content. We will always refund those funds if we do not accept your listing (adult content is one example we would decline listing and refund immediately). In the future when we autobill we will give a three day grace period. Because we are human and we know people forget to cancel on time for billing purposes at times.

After pre-approval of a listing when payment is crypto currency you can choose to send the “slow” method to save yourself the high cost of quick transfer if you prefer. When listings are paid via PayPal they are live as soon as office approves the listing. Your billing cycle does not start until your listing is approved and your add is live.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our contact page anytime. And happy listing! To skip to our main area for choosing listing categories and types click here. 

Maintaining accounts & Editing:

You can edit your listings at any time through your profile and accounts area. You can also skip the add listing in the future if you know what packages you wish to purchase and simply choose in your profile page under the “add listing” section of your member profile.