Who we are and how it all started

Welcome to Listados Para Viajeros.

Now that you found our site Listados Para Viajeros you may wonder who we are and what we are all about? We want to say we are happy you found us! We also want to answer your questions so we’re writing a post to answer those questions! We are a listing site for local businesses in Latin America that depend on tourism and business travelers.

This site was started with specific goals in mind. And though the project was thought of long ago, finally in 2019/20 the project was started.

We started working on the site and perfecting everything. We even did an overhaul just before actually launching because we felt it wasn’t good enough and we wanted it even better.

We didn’t want to miss anything!

Just as we removed our coming soon page COVID was about to make it’s launch to the world and everyone was thrust into a position of no travel and as you know businesses were hit hard.

So we just left our site open and chose to just ride the storm and not stress anyone about a new business site when they were already worried about the new way of life forced on everyone. We didn’t advertise at all.

We had many free advertising choices through most of COVID after launching for anyone decided to take us up on our offers. We still have many free listings available. To help make things easier to post a listing our listing forms are in Spanish and English at this time.

Our original plan was to have advertising that both large and small businesses in Latin America could take advantage of. We wanted to showcase all the great businesses and opportunities for travelers to find easily without wasting time searching numerous sites and coming up empty handed at times.

We didn’t want smaller family businesses to be left out. We want all budgets to be able to advertise. Which meant great businesses that tourists came across only by chance or adventure in the past could now be at everyones finger tips in a quick local search.

We also created a site that the larger corporations would still love to advertise and we put their needs in mind when building ad space as well.

We added the categories that are not included in the main travel sites. We also made our listings to keep them current and up to date without so many listings that are closed on other sites. We wanted to make sure there was a way to keep things as up to date as possible and keep user/advertiser engagement.

Some of our categories include hotels from luxury to budget and boutique, tours, shopping, restaurants, bar and nightclubs. We even included the family kitchen run inside homes in the main tourist areas that are often overlooked. We even have a category for mechanics for the road trippers that have vehicles with different plans.

All free listings have to maintain by updating and re-listing their listings every few months. This prevents businesses that are closed from being listed frustrating customers and saving them a trip to a closed down business.

We want tourists saving time searching less and seeing more!

We want to save future customers time from searching seemingly forever to find just what they were looking for, whether it is a restaurant, doctor, real estate company, hair salon or camera shop for a new lens.

We want everything at their fingertips so they don’t have to search online as much when they’re there.  Finding exactly what they’re looking for easily and quickly. Especially when they need something specific. Whether it’s a different hotel for an extended stay, Spanish lessons, a new camera lens or a day of relax at the spa we want it easy to find.

We want them visiting you and seeing your amazing cities in Latin America, nations and your business when they’re near you. Not, in their hotel hoping to find you in a search online!

We also kept in mind not all tourists are as adventurous and outgoing and don’t aways find it easy to ask for what they are looking for. This will make it much easier for them!

We want both locals and tourists to be involved simply because we know that there is so much to see and do. And the owner of Listados Para Viajeros knows that some of the best places to see, and many of their most amazing experiences were shared with them by the locals. Places and experiences they would have completely missed out on!

Our system allows tourists to add listings of places they love completely free to share with other tourists, because we know that people love to share experiences and where they have been. And we allow user engagement with reviews and comments.

Businesses have the opportunity to claim theses great listings that the customers place on our site!

We take over the tourist added listings after they are placed so customers don’t have hundreds of comments to reply to.

We Make Listing A Business Affordable For All Budgets Making You More Visible

And of course business owners can choose from several different packages to get a listing up without waiting for someone to share. Our fees start at free for those who don’t need much in a listing, all the way to full packages that allow listings to add social media links, website, and video not just images. Video listings will also be in our video category.

We have three main sections in our site,  food and drink, hotels, and goods and services for all other business types and needs. We have another area in the works for sea farers, and yachters.

We can’t forget we know how easy it is to change hotels and make changes and extend stays without all the panic. We want visitors to have all the options including those great listings that aren’t always listed.

We know from experience just how easy it is to fall in love with a location and extend a stay!

We hope to make it easier to use pick up the phone and transfer over and extend without the fuss. We know from experience of travel and being expats how easy it is to save money when already at your location.

And last but not least we love Latin America! The amazing and warm people, the nations, nature, the many awesome adventures that can be found. From relaxing beaches, sunsets and palm trees blowing in the sea breeze, to amazing food, shopping, or even penguins or sea turtles making their journey to the sea, skiing, art, museums and family adventures. And lets not forget the clubs and lounge and nightlife!

We want you to be found. There is so much to see and do. Who has time to look online for hours when they can just find you in seconds and experience?

Did we tell you yet that we also allow Latin American volunteer/NGOs to advertise free of charge? Yes we do. Just contact us through our contact page and we will send you the form for a full listing.

Our Site Visitors Can Always Feel Free to Contact Us

We encourage our site visitors to let us know if there is a category you want to see that we don’t have and we will definitely consider adding it. We are very open to suggestions from both tourists and businesses.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us through our contact page on the main menu for any advertising questions, or any problems you may encounter while adding a business listing.

We are working on adding in site chat for any questions during business hours. Right now we have email. As we grow we will hire chat support in Central America to speak better Spanish for us.

So pop in to our add a listing section we can’t wait to see your listing. La versión en español de este post se publicará en breve.